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Privacy Policy Rule Change under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Due to the borderless nature of the Internet, many businesses and residents of Asia are also affected ...  (more below)

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Coffee is thriving in Asia Pacific

Asia is slowly considered a promising region for the global coffee market over the past 2 years ... (more below)

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Net "Mission in Kobe" – An outreach for ICANN2019

This trip to Kobe was a mixture of of all things good. We held a model ICANN meeting and discussed ... (more below)

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Privacy Policy Rule Change under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The European GDPR framework, first approved in 2016, came into effect last month on May 25, 2018. In theory, the “new” rules only applly to data collected from European individuals. However, due to the borderless nature of the Internet, many businesses and residents of Asia are also affected.

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What is the GDPR
The General Data Protection Regulation is a set of laws that is designed to give EU citizens more control over how their data is collected, used online, and in what way users can be contacted by businesses or organizations. 

How GDPR affects Asia based businesses
If your business offers products or services to EU based residents, GDPR will apply when you process their email and data via your website or app.

For instance, while .Asia is not an EU-based registry, some of our users and partners have nexus relationship with the EU. For this reason, we have taken the time to align our data and communications interests in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). 

Where to start?
While there is a wide range of obligations to be fulfilled on the way to GDPR compliance. The first and most obvious step is to update your business’ privacy policies to reflect the GDPR requirements. 

Here at .Asia, we have taken action to minimize data output in the public WHOIS ( shielding previously public registrant data, such as emails. Only registrant organization name, geographic information, plus operational technical data will be displayed going forward.

In terms of communication, this also means that we will need your confirmation that you would like to continue receiving DotAsia related content from us.  For more information on how .Asia is actively attending to the matter please express your consent by updating your subscription settings HERE.  We hope that our DotAsia community content is useful to you and that you will stay in touch with us.

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News in Asia

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DotAsia supports Kids4Kids in promoting learning opportunities

Tiger Frame: Ajitora posing with books collected during Kids4Kids' Sharing for a Cause 2018 book drive
In support of Sustainable Development Goal #4 – to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, DotAsia is happy to be a part of the Kids4Kids’ Sharing for a Cause (SFAC) 2018 campaign. Together, we have collected 12,250 books in the month of May. While 5,312 of them will be sent to Hong Kong community partners for building mini libraries as part of the Buddy Reading Program; the rest will be donated to developing countries via Crossroads Foundation. Happy Reading!

- Aji

Coffee is thriving in Asia Pacific

According to a recent report by London-based market research firm MINTEL, over the past 2 years Asia is gradually being seen as a promising region for the global coffee market. Weighing in at 304000 tonnes and 268000 tonnes respectively, Japan and Indonesia were included in the top 5 global markets by retail volume. In the coming years, expect to see more countries from Asia Pacific climbing higher on this list. Vietnam and the Philippines are expected to be among the top 5 fastest growing coffee retail countries in the world with Indonesia expected to have a staggering compound annual growth rate of 11.4%.

Kaizen – Man tending to  outdoor coffee shop

Jonny Forsyth, Associate Director, Mintel Food & Drink said: “Asia has great growth potential when it comes to coffee, with consumption continuing to rise across the region. Coffee culture has surged in Asia with more and more specialty coffee houses setting up shop in countries like Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia.” In Japan we have several cafes embracing their online presence too. Watanabe Coffee ( and Antoshimo Café & Bakery ( are two such examples, showcasing the origins of their coffee and their menus too.

Another great showcase of the rise of the Asia Pacific coffee industry is the World Barista Championship. Over the past 5 years, the events have been held in the region twice (Melbourne in 2013 and Seoul in 2017) and the winners have come from Asia Pacific three times (Japan in 2014,  Australia in 2015 and Taiwan in 2016). There are plenty of learning opportunities in the region too. The Barista and Coffee Academy of Asia ( based in the Philippines is a technical training institute focusing on the growing demand of coffee industry in the region. They are the only school in the country that is affiliated with an international coffee business school. Torch Coffee ( based in China is another living testament to the huge demand for specialty coffee in Asia.

The coffee culture in the Asia Pacific region is definitely on the rise and with more folks in the region going online to search for cafes and classes, having a .Asia extension presence in Asia for your coffee business is a great way to launch yourself into the regional stage.

Net "Mission in Kobe" – An outreach for ICANN2019

This was the first time for NetMission Ambassadors to organize and be part of a Internet Governance Youth Boost Camp in 078 Kobe Festival.

This trip to Kobe was an engaging blend of fun and work. We held a model ICANN meeting to discuss many Internet issues, met with local and international students and played games together, and had fun with locals during the last two days of 078 Kobe Fest.

Since the 2019 ICANN meeting is to be held in Kobe, we hosted this boost camp to engage more young people on Internet governance issues and encourage them to propose their ideas in the coming ICANN meeting. The participants were active in expressing their opinions and views on different topics. Most of the participants are international students from South Asia, Europe, and Africa. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences deepened the discussions and their unique viewpoints represented their roles as stakeholders well.

On the second day, we started the discussion with “Internet of Names: Our Digital Future”. Edmond, Tommy-san and Maemura-san’s experienced and professional sharing gave us fruitful insights and initiated board discussions into various internet issues. Participants were encouraged to voice out their opinions based on the topics. We also discussed some of the hotly debated issues on controversial domain names, such as .sex, .wtf, etc. All of us had plenty of fun at the camp. We look forward to seeing familiar faces at 078Kobe X NetMission in ICANN, Kobe 2019!

Photo: NetMission Ambassador placing sticky notes on whiteboard

NetMission.Asia logo

Register for APrIGF Vanuatu 2018 now!

The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) which will be held from 13 – 16 August at Port Vila, Vanuatu is currently accepting for registrations.

Date: 13 - 16 Aug 2018
Venue: Iririki Island Resort, Port Vila Vanuatu
Theme: Empowering Communities in Asia Pacific, Build an Affordable , Inclusive, Open and Secure Internet

Program Agenda is now available.

Register at

Register for APrIGF Vanuatu 2018 now!

Go.Asia and volunteers join hands for 'Kids Health May'

As a long-term partner of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in Asia, this year we echo with his worldwide AdEnough campaign which aims to urge Asia media to stop the promotion of junk food via TV advertisements during “Parental Guidance Recommended” timeslots. With support from celebrities e.g. Orlando Bloom and Richard Branson, we have invited Ajitora, chefs and students from local schools and community centres to support this campaign on social media channels. In fact, respective discussion and regulatory processes have been made in South Korea(2010) and Australia(2018). Hopefully this message can be spread to more Asia-Pacific countries to incite action against the rise of obesity among children.

Featuring a “Kids Health May” program, we collaborated with Cordis Hotel Hong Kong and a well-known UK Chef James Oakley to host a heavy-weight cooking jam with families from the Hong Kong Playground Association. Chef James and his daughter Celine formed a duo and taught our participant families two simple and healthy dishes, King Oyster Mushroom Risotto and Mango Chocolate Mousse, developing the strongest Parent-Child bonding!

Go.Asia and volunteers join hands for 'Kids Health May'Food Revolution in Asia echoing Jamie Oliver's worldwide AdEnough campaign – Connecting the People, Culture & Innovation

Roar! Leaping into Spring with the exciting 078 Kobe Festival, which took place in 27 – 29 March; an event connecting people, trade and culture with different activities centered around music, film, food, fashion, kids, and anime. I was exhausted from jumping around the 6 venues to take photos with my fans and hand out my nice recycle bags. It was also my honour to sing and dance along on stage with local Kobe artists. Cheers to my DotAsia and NetMission team for the great helping hand!

Another interesting note of this journey was how it reminds me about my extinct Caspian tiger friends’ traces. Check out our booth in the KIITO building. KIITO isn’t another acronym from ICANN, but actually a Japanese word meaning “silk”. KIITO, the Design and Creative Center of Kobe was once a “raw silk” testing center for quality control, nestled in this little port city in Kansai. Bingo! That’s the silk road that my Caspian tiger friends migrated through in ancient times from central Asia to the Russian far east where the Siberian tigers now live. How amazing that people (even animals =P) of the past connected, trading in business and exchanging culture through such a long journey!

Thanks to the Internet forming a new digital silk road, such mobility is not as time-consuming as it used to be. Knowing that there is still a large part of the unreached next billion market, the openness and freedom to move around in this vast network will remain essential to enhance the competitiveness in Asia.

- By Ajitora

#KobeIsAsia #RiseWithAsia #YouthMobility

Photo: – Connecting the People, Culture & Innovation

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