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Celebrating Asian Heritage Month in May

May celebrates the many cultural and societal contributions and achievements of overseas Asian communities in North America... (more below)

Photo: Carl Van Vechten’s photographic portrait of Anna May Wong, considered to be the first Chinese American Hollywood movie star
Rise of E-Commerce in Asia creates opportunities

Showing no signs of slowing, E-Commerce over the past decade has outpaced the global average ... (more below)

Image: 2 South East Asian boys on laptop
Looking ahead to APrIGF and IGF Berlin

With just 3 months to APRIGF Vladivostok, preparations are well underway to gather the Internet community... (more below)

Photo: APrIGF 2019 Vladivostock

Celebrating Asian Heritage Month in May

Image: New York Chinatown

May is a month for celebrating the many cultural and societal contributions and achievements of overseas Asian communities in North America. It marks the observance of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in the United States, and Asian Heritage Month in Canada.

The commemorative month for Asian American and Pacific Islanders originated first as a Heritage Week with the US Congress in 1977, and was officially designated as Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month in 1992. May was chosen to mark the immigration of the first Japanese to the United States in May, 1843, as well as to celebrate the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad in May 1869. Most of the tracks were laid by young Asian men recruited as contract laborers from Southern China.

Asian Heritage Month, as it is known in Canada, was officially declared in May 2002 to honor Asian Canadian’s contribution to Canadian culture and history. Similarly, it was also the building of the railways, that first brought large numbers of young Asian men to Western Canada from 1880 from China and Taiwan.

Asian Heritage month is about honoring past generations of Asian immigrants that came before us. It is also about highlighting the richness of Asian cultures and traditions, but perhaps most importantly, it is about celebrating the Asian-American or Asian-Canadian experiences, and honoring the legacy and contributions of Americans and Canadians of Asian descend.

To find out some ways you can also celebrate Asian Heritage Month in your community, read the full article at the DotAsia news blog HERE ...

News in Asia

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Tiger Frame
Kids4Kids Sharing For A Cause 2019: Donate Children’s Picture Storybooks

Tiger Frame: #10yearschallenge and wildlife conservation
"Sharing for a Cause" 2019 book collection campaign runs for the month of May so come and visit the DotAsia office or other public collection points to donate your English Children picture storybooks to those in need.

Rise of E-Commerce in Asia creates plenty of opportunities

E-Commerce in Asia-Pacific is not showing any signs of slowing down. Over the past decade it has outpaced the global average and according to the Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce Market 2018 report, over 50% of global online retail sales stems from the Asia-Pacific region. China, Japan and South Korea are among the global leaders for B2C E-Commerce and countries in South and Southeast Asia, such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines will be regional growth leaders for the coming 5 years. One main reason for this growth is the mobile internet growth in the Asian region. The report states that three-quarters of E-Commerce in Asia is from M-Commerce.

Photo: 2 South East Asian boys on laptops

Research house Mintel projects E-Commerce will account for 31.4 per cent of total Asia-Pacific retail spending by 2020. Matthew Crabbe, Mintel’s Asia-Pacific regional trends director, said “The online economy is a crucial part of Asia-Pacific’s current and future economic growth. It is also a major part of the continuing integration of the economies and consumer-spending patterns across the region”. The future in Asia is looking more integrated and online as ever and this opens windows of opportunities for many businesses.

Going hand in hand with this E-Commerce boom are some businesses who are enhancing the service and experience for the end user. One of these services is Popbox ( which is based in Indonesia and Malaysia. They allow businesses and customers to use their lockers so people can pick up their purchases using their smartphone. Their main selling point is locations with lockers available in almost every district in Indonesia and Malaysia. Another noteworthy business is Commerce.Asia which help businesses when they want to start selling online. Their vast network allows them to help every business to take advantage of the huge E-Commerce market in Asia.

The future is looking bright in Asia for the online retail space and we want your ideas to reach out to the ever growing online Asian population.

A promising start for our NetMission Ambassadors!

Our Hong Kong based Ambassadors had the opportunity to plunge straight into the hot topics buzzing around Internet Governance. The 2nd Hong Kong Internet Governance Forum Roundtable hosted by Internet Society HK with support from the Hon. Charles Mok’s office at LegCo. Our NetMission participants experienced a dynamic and vibrant insight into “Artificial Intelligence and Ethics”. With industry heavyweights from IBM and Microsoft, joined by Charles Mok and members of the startup scene the discussion certainly carried considerable weight.

The discourse started with general concerns around AI, and the ongoing challenge of developing best practices and accountable mechanisms that are able to flexibly adapt to rapidly changing innovations. On the other hand a completely different challenge was presented by tech startups, where they simply did not have the scale of resources or established framework to directly address many angles of consideration. The floor raised yet deeper conceptual questions, such as the use of Artificial Intelligence in military applications, and the seemingly inevitable use of such technology in both offline and online surveillance. The discussion was rounded off by legal expert Prof. Angela Daly, who was also a guest speaker at the NetMission Academy and offered an alternative angle on the issues.

A special mention is deserving of Sherry Shek who helped organise the event as part of her work with ISOC HK, and we are proud to count her among our NetMission Alumni.

To a more international scope, NetMission Ambassadors have submitted 3 workshop proposals for IGF 2019 in Berlin. We have high expectations for their collective efforts and wish them the best of luck in the evaluation process. You can view their proposals in the links below.

Looking forward we are building off our momentum coordinating this year’s edition of HKyIGF, which will be held near the end of May. Follow our socials @NetMission for updates and special content from our ambassadors.

IGF 2019 WS #315
IGF 2019 WS #327
IGF 2019 WS #236
NetMission.Asia logo

Looking ahead to APrIGF and IGF Berlin

Have you heard of the city that sits on the easternmost terminus of the Trans Siberian railway? Vladivostok is the city that bears the honor. Situated in the Golden Horn Bay in the Russian Far East, it is the location for the 10th edition of the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum. With just 3 months to APRIGF Vladivostok, preparations are well underway to gather the Internet community under the theme of Enabling a Safe, Secure and Universal Internet for All in Asia Pacific. Join us ( to share and discuss all the hot issues at the workshops, townhalls and make your voice heard in this years’ APrIGF Synthesis Document.

Welcome news from the global IGF: The German hosts of the upcoming IGF Berlin 2019 are laying out a warm welcome to all, and have announced a special travel fund to the global south with the aim to gather and support a diverse group of participants to contribute at the IGF this November. Deadline to apply is June 30, details available here: Supporting participation at IGF 2019 annual meeting

APrIGF 2019 Vladivostok

Kids4Kids Sharing For A Cause 2019: Donate Children's Picture Storybooks

Aiming to develop social awareness and responsibility by providing platforms that empower kids to enact positive change in their community, Kids4Kids is hosting its 9th annual Sharing for a Cause (SFAC) campaign and DotAsia Organisation is proud to be one of the supporters of literacy development and creative childhoods.

An official collection point will be set up at DotAsia office from May 1-31, 2019. All kinds of English story books (no markings/tears, no exercise books/textbooks/coloring/puzzle books) suitable for children aged 3-12 are welcome. Let’s join hands and donate to a worthy cause!

Address: 12/F, Daily House, 35-37 Haiphong Road, TsimShaTsui
Collection Time: 10am-6pm

OiKwanBarbers.Asia - Mark LauKids4Kids x Go.Asia Sharing for a Cause book donation drive

.Asia 的一带一路丶一域中的

2019 年第四个月份,DotAsia 收到了中国工业和信息化部(MIIT)的好消息,.Asia 域名已获得中华人民共和国工业和信息化部(MIIT)的认证,.Asia 域名将再次在中国市场推出 。 中国是 .Asia 重要的服务市场,随着一带一路意味着互联互通,互相贸易丶互相分享,互相关爱,中华民族五千年文明史上从未如此跟世界紧密连接过,随着国际互联网增长迅速, 至2017年,全球互联网增长率稳定在30%左右,當中一帶一路沿线国家互联网增长迅速。其中孟加拉等国在2017年的增长率均超过了80%,越南的增长率甚至是217%,反映出一带一路沿线各国重视互联网建设,积极与全球接轨。而当中发展数字经济,促进经济创新和转型发展,已经成为全世界的共同选择,在这个不可逆转的时代潮流大趋势中,也就出現了数字丝绸之路,它的出現,好像将古代的丝绸之路注入活力,生氣勃勃地走向全球化。域名将会是全球化的必然产业,.asia 希望在中国这个域名大舞台上,为中国丶亚洲甚至世界各国不同的支持者丶建设者和受益者饰演联系全球的角色,配上一个.Asia 域名,体现一带一路共商丶共建丶共享的战略理念,打通数字丝路沿线区域商机。 Image credit: Designed by / Freepik

Image: 1 Belt 1 Road Illustration

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